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  • 01st April 2021


Effective 1st April 2021, we will be moving the following brands and SKU’s from Campo Group Vietnam to the Alchemy Asia Vietnam portfolio. This move will make Alchemy a stronger brand partner with a broader scope of brands to offer to you our important partners. Campo will continue its specialized role in incubating new brands.


Those moving are as follows:




Kurayoshi Malt Whiskies | Semantic UI San-In Blended Whisky


Appleton Rum Range | Aperol Liqueur | Campari Liqueur | Averna Amaro | Cinzano 1757 Vermouth | Cinzano Vermouth | Cinzano Sparkling | Bulldog London Dry Gin | Braulio Aperitif | Frangelico Liqueur | Cynar Liqueur | Glen Grant Single Malt Range | Sagatiba Cachaca | Wild Turkey Bourbon Range | Wild Turkey Bourbon Range | Russell Reserve Bourbon Range | Skyy Vodka Range


Grande Absinthe | Hakuto Gin


All other brands except the above will remain with Campo Group.


For those of you with accounts at Campo, you will be able to maintain those accounts for the regular product range remaining in Campo. You will also be required to settle your payables or receivables with Campo. We recognize that some accounts may still continue to deal with Campo on many brands and this will be handled on a case by case basis.


Regarding contracts in place for sales and marketing, where applicable, these will be transferred to Alchemy Vietnam. Sales through either entity will still be attributed to your performance and any performance related contracts, therefore.


For all enquiries please contact your Alchemy or Campo representative or customer.service@alchemy-asia.com or sales@campo-group.com.


You are also welcome to contact the General Managers of Alchemy josh@alchemy-asia.com or arno@campo-group.com for more complex matters regarding this change.

We thank you for your continued support of Alchemy and Campo and look forward to embarking on this new future together with you.


Price lists will be available from the above sources or will be sent out directly to you in the following few days.




On Behalf of Management of Alchemy Asia and Campo Group



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